Et fin. Thursday, May 18 2017 

I finally finished Game of Thrones. Finally. It took me about forever, and I never thought I’d get through it, but I did it. And do you know what helped? Jillian Michaels.

Weird, right? Yeah, I agree. But last month she started this plank challenge. Participants of it would start off the challenge by planking for 10 seconds. Then you increased your planking time by 10 seconds each day until you reached 300 seconds on the last day. That’s 5 minutes. And if you know planks, you know that’s a long time to torture yourself.

When I got to about minute 2, I needed something to help pass the time. That’s when I started reading my book while planking. This way I wasn’t just staring at the timer. It sounds crazy, but it helped so much. Because staring at a timer for that long will drive you crazy. It even helped me surpass the challenge and get to 6 minutes and 20 seconds (as of last night).

So YAY! Reading and exercise?! It works!

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Damaged goods Tuesday, Jul 17 2012 

I can’t tell you how much I hate damaged books.  It drives me nuts.  Have you ever seen this video?

They mention highlighting and dog earing books in it, and it totally pains me.  Now, I know you probably think I’m nuts.  Because books don’t have feelings (or do they? okay they don’t), but it totally pains me to think of these poor little books without their poor pages being perfect.

Does this mean that I absolutely keep my books in pristine condition?  No, of course not.  I can’t help it that sometimes my books get creased, or they get bent etc.  I mean you need to look at my copy of The Scarlet Letter (okay, well it isn’t one I bought, but rather swapped on  No, please look at it.

my damaged copy of The Scarlet Letter

The front cover is coming off!  And it drives me nuts.  Because while I know that normal wear and tear is common, I feel like that is abnormal wear and tear.  And that kind of wear and tear saddens me.  Again, I’m nuts I know, because they can’t feel (can they? no no no, stop being silly).  And of course I shouldn’t feel sad, because well, let’s see, a) they’re books, and b) I’m not doing it on purpose, and c) they don’t have feelings (I won’t even go there, again).

And as long as I’m not doing it on purpose, it’s okay, right?  Right.  Sure, I’ll keep telling myself that, and yes I’m only a little neurotic.  And it upsets me so much when I accidentally hurt one of my babies books that it boggles me when someone would willingly vandalize one of theirs with a dog ear or highlight.  I know there might (I don’t know for sure, hence the term might) be theory that dog earring or highlighting a book gives it character.  No, that doesn’t.  Regular use does, okay.  But manhandling a book by mistreating its pages is blasphemy to me.  Strong words I know, but I like them.

To be honest, do whatever you want to do to your books, but don’t you dare touch mine.  And again, this is why I rarely ever lend mine out.  Man, I’m so greedy.  Maybe I will get the personal library kit, ‘cause I don’t want to be known as greedy.