Last year my awesome friend started a Facebook reading group, called the Annual Grown Up Summer Reading Program.  Its cause is to encourage grown ups to read, similar to the reading lists of our childhood.  Suggestions for books to add to the list are made, and a final list posted.  A prize is given to the person who reads the most on the list.

I personally think this is a spectacular idea.  I partook last year, but only read a few of the books.  I do have many of my own books to read, so it makes it difficult.  I could always add other books onto the suggestions, and that way, I could kill two birds with one stone.

The group is open, so anyone can join, provided they have a facebook account.  And if you like reading and discussing, or if you want to start reading more, than you should really join.  And you should especially join if you just need an idea on a good book to read.  Because, really?  The more the merrier.