First free book! Wednesday, Aug 10 2011 

So remember how not too long ago, I posted about goodreads’ giveaways?  Well, I won my first book!  It’s called Death Is Not An Option, and it’s the next one I plan to read, after I finish Casino Royale. This actually has me really excited.  It’s a bunch of short stories mized together, which is typically not the type of book I like to read, but I think it would be a good train ride read.

It’s funny how the word won makes you feel so happy.  Though I didn’t need to do anything to win, just drop my name into a hat essentially, it still has me feeling like I’ve achieved something.  And I think that’s why goodreads has such a large amount of giveaways.  It makes the submitters feel really happy, which will most likely have a positive spin on the reading experience, and have the reader leaving a lovely, if not glowing review of the book.

This is why I plan on waiting before reading the books I read in the mail.  Not because I think people take me seriously, far from it actually, but because it would make me feel better about myself.  And really, isn’t that what we all strive to do?

Goodreads good books giveaway Thursday, May 19 2011 

So, while I’ve been a fan of Goodreads since my recent “Bookcase Revitalization Project,” and I just noticed, quite literally, ten minutes ago, this great feature they have on their website: Giveaways. Awesome, right? Right. Well, I first found out about one specific giveaway quite literally this morning before I left for work, during my normal Facebook routine in the morning. And since I love Goodreads so much, I have their app on my Facebook account and on my phone, and so I got an immediate notification that they were having a book giveaway And of course I submitted an entry, because really, I just love books.

Well, silly me, I accidentally closed out of the window without posting about it. And so here I am, unable to access Facebook, but really wanting to spread the news. So I use my phone to go on to and try to find the giveaway news I had seen earlier this morning. I couldn’t find a notice of it anywhere. So I searched in all the links on the site, and eventually find what I was looking for and more.

Little did I know that Goodreads provides users with a constant surge of giveaways. Awesome right? Right. Who doesn’t like a free book? I’ve already submitted myself in the running for a few, and keep planning to submit for many more. They have several going on at a time, and it takes little to no effort to submit. So it should take little to no effort to consider it!