So, I wrote about this Personal Library Kit, not too long ago.  Well yesterday, we had our annual Secret Santa, and my Santa, Kath, having read my blog, got me this awesome list of materials.  Which I plan on using immediately.

My gift from my Secret Santa

So, my gift was a reading journal, which I can write and rate books in it, as well as an antiquated book plates collection, and a Dumbledore wand pen and bookmark!  Oh my goodness so amazing.  I can use the reading journal to write my thoughts down as I read. And obviously, I can use the bookplates for my collection of books in case of sharing.  I’m super excited!

And the Dumbledore wand pen and bookmark?  Already used 😀  Love that I have an elder wand.  I can’t wait to start putting the bookplates on my books! I’m going to start with my leatherbounds (the set of B&N ones I got for Christmas one year).

*sigh* I love books.