The 12 in 12 (for 2012) Wednesday, Apr 4 2012 

New Years resolutions suck.   Which is why I’ve decided to not partake in that nonsense this year.  Instead, a few of my friends and I will be doing what has been called “The Twelve.”  The concept is simple.  Instead of doing things you think you should do, you decide to do something you want to do.  And of course, they have to be positive things (no “I plan to punch someone 12 times”), and they have to be quantifiable (nothing like go to the gym more).  Well before you ask what this has to do with a reading blog, one of my twelve is reading 52 books this year.

For some people this may seem a lot, especially when taking into consideration I have 11 other things to do on this list.  And yet for others, this is something so easy peasy, I have nothing to worry about.  I’m in the latter group to be honest, because it really comes down to a book a week, and some books (like The Hunger Games) can be read in a day.  The only problem is, is that though the 12 is supposed to be for the full year, my final list wasn’t completely written out until February (and I didn’t actually start a book until mid-March, naughty me).  But, good news, is that not only am I a fast reader, but I started off with The Hunger Games, so though I’ve only started my reading in the past two or three weeks, I’ve got seven books completed (go me!).

What it comes down to is making sure I read about 100 pages a day.  Most of which has to be done at night, which means that I can’t do my normal goofing off on facebook (gasp!), which may actually be a good thing, because most of my facebook time is spent liking things my friends post, or checking for new posts.  Thrilling.  But now, I spend my time actually reading!  The only thing I fear is that with all this reading, I won’t have time for the other things on my list.  But I think I’ll just have to find a day or two to take a break from reading to focus on the other items on my list.  In any case, I’m really excited about completing this item on my list, and it will definitely take a chunk out of my unread books on

A challenge to uphold Thursday, Apr 21 2011 

It seems rather unreal to me that I have taken 10 English courses and 14 Literature courses in the span of my college career and have only read 30 out of the 100 books on the best books list. Yes, you heard correctly, just 30. I discovered this fact not too long ago when completing an internet meme, and this realization more than kind of disappointed me. What disappointed me the most of this realization is that many of the books on the list had been on many a course syllabus of mine, but I‘d never found myself reading them.

So it kind of dawned on me that since I have this blog, I could attempt to complete the entire list by a soon-to-be determined date, and use this as a little side experiment that I could discuss on the blog. The only problem now is, that I cannot decide how I want to go forth with this mission, this quest, this crusade. Okay, crusade is a bit much. Did I ever tell you that I exaggerate a little… okay, a lot?

Before I digress, too much, one of the few things I need to decide now is how I want to proceed with achieving this goal. I have an inkling, but I am one of these indecisive creatures, who only takes the initiative when need be. Most likely I will use it, not to fuel the blog, but as something for the interim. Also, the question is which Top 100 list shall I use? The one that the meme was about does not officially exist (BBC did have a top 100 list, but it was in 2003 and did not include half the books on the meme’s list), then there is the Guardian’s list, and the official BBC list, and Time magazine’s list, as well as Modern Library’s. Once I decide which book list is closest to what I need, I should be all set. Once I solve that quibble, I should be all set.

The other question that remains is: shall I read every single book regardless of whether I’ve read them or not, or simply read the books I have yet to read. I believe the latter option is most feasible, but, does going that route make me a cheater? At times, I think so, and other times I think not. To be honest, my opinion on this varies with whichever moral standing I decide to place myself that day (be it Chaotic Good or Lawful Evil, etc.). I guess it comes down to whether I want to take the ‘easy’ road or not.

That being the case, I will most likely only be reading the books I have yet to read, even though as I type this, I can’t help but think, ‘but won’t it be a better feat to complete ALL the books?’ And that yet-to-be-decided pre-determined date? I’ve been realistically considering the time constraints of this. If I read a book per week, and we keep in mind that a portion of the list is comprised of sets, and so really let’s adjust that 100 to 150 books (since the complete works of Shakespeare is in there somewhere), which means then I can get it done in approximately 150 weeks, or put simply, 3 years? Provided, of course, that armageddon does not hit in 2012.

All of this now sounds like a daunting task to try and complete all the books. But, you know? I feel up to the challenge.