The writing begins again Thursday, Feb 23 2017 

I’ve been a little down and out (after the election) and just out (of this blog, because I haven’t been reading as much), but I’ve started writing again.  Maybe because of the emotions? Or maybe because I’m close to where I’d like to be fitness wise? Or maybe because I downloaded todoist and have gotten a handle on my daily tasks.

In any case, it started with typing up my college poetry and my story notes, which led to me beginning to actually write. And now on my todoist app, I’ve included a “write for 10 min” task, which inevitably leads to more time spent writing per sitting, as I can’t always just stop at 10 min.

I think this helps too, because having a fresh mind on something, and reading over the last few paragraphs makes me study the language further, and acknowledge past mistakes. The review process has always been something I’ve neglected before.

Essentially this all means, that more writing leads to more reading, and more reading leads to more posting. And maybe more posting will continue the cycle!

To make things better, here’s my new favorite photo on the internet that I will leave you with. (Mind you, this photo has been out there forever, it’s just my current favorite photo).



A novel writing medium? Monday, Sep 27 2010 

For the past two months or longer I have been slowly, but surely, writing a novel(la?) on my phone. It’s not as difficult as one would think and it lends to easier free writing. When I get a thought, I write it down. As I had a tendency to think of something, tell myself to write it down when I get home, and then forget by the time I got there. I feel that, by writing on my phone, which I always have with me, I can actually get a good bit of writing done. I thought I was a genius for thinking of this.

At least, so I thought, until a few days ago when I heard the podcast of “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me…” where they discussed the trend of Japanese authors writing their novels through the use of text messaging. It just goes to show you that no one thought is completely original.

Regardless, the idea is still genius. Even if I hadn’t thought of it.

It made me a bit proud of myself despite not having done anything yet.

This post was originally on Tumblr on June 1, 2009.