Death of a bookstore Thursday, Mar 29 2012 

I meant to post this ages ago, when it originally happened, but with a lot of things on my plate, I only finally got around to posting about this.  The end of Borders was a sad day for me.  You may ask why, since it’s just another one of those giant megastores.  And while megastore bookstores are often ‘stealing’ business away from their smaller, privately or independently owned operators, it’s still a shame to see one go.  (Virgin Megastore how I miss thee).  Because for me, big or small, it’s sad when a bookstore dies.

Borders at Columbus Circle

Borders was the first bookstore I really spent a lot of time at.  I would sometimes visit the Barnes and Noble, and almost always visit the library, but I usually went to Borders.  To be honest, I had really been rooting for it to survive, and now whenever I pass by the carcass of what used to be a Borders, I feel a strong sense of shame and guilt.  The reason why I liked Borders so much was that its layout always made sense to me.  Whether i was visiting the Borders in my hometown on Cape Cod, or visiting one of the giant locations in New York, I could always find my way.  You could say this is because those stores have one generic layout.  But that wasn’t true.  Locations varied on where they would put certain subjects and where they would put the rest.  And yet, I seemed to always know exactly where to look regardless of which Borders I was visiting.

Borders was somewhere I could go to find anything I wanted, even for non book related products.  And then, the new Barnes and Noble opened, and I must guiltily confess that I started going there instead.  The idea that I will never visit Borders again upsets me. It makes me think on the future of books themselves, but since the debate on Kindle vs Spine should be saved for its own post, let’s leave this entry with a moment of silence for our lost friend.

One man’s loss is another man’s gain Wednesday, Aug 31 2011 

I honestly feel awful for Borders.  It always had great discounts, great sales, great events.  I still remember dragging my mom there, before I had learned to drive, just so that I could browse.  But everyone has been feeling the financial stress, and especially in this economy, even giant megastores feel it (oh Virgin Megastore, how I miss thee).  But as the old adage goes, one man’s loss is another man’s gain, and here the public gains.

Borders is having their going out of buisness sale.  That’s 50% – 70% off of their entire stock.  Everything.  They are even selling their fixtures.  And while it’s upsetting to see them go, one could always use a few more books.

I would go into a diatribe how this is not the fault of kindle, as I’m sure most people are quick to put the blame on ebooks, but really, I feel now is not the time for such things, but rather mourn the loss of a good friend, and help them with their financial troubles by buying all their stuff at a really low price.

The book shopper’s curse Sunday, May 8 2011 

(c) ginnerobot

Well sometime last month, I decided it was imperative that I finally get the task of organizing my bookshelf completed. I don’t know what possessed me to get it done now, after what must have been ages of clutter. And since I’m occasionally a bit of a glutton for punishment, I decided to add another task to my already enormous to-do list. Since I’d have to remove all my books and reorganize them, I’d decided I would also catalogue them (so to speak) on Goodreads (and also LivingSocial Books).

In doing so, I discovered that not only did I have close to 350 books, but also that I had over 150 books unread. How could this be possible? Truth be told, I did include some poetry and anthology books from my college years which I had not finished in their entirety, and did not feel like I could say I had finished them. Maybe I will change those in to having read as I had started them (and honestly, don’t know if I have a particular urge to read them). But the idea that I had so many books unread kind of frightened me, especially knowing that so many of these books have gone unread. And so I resolved (resolutions shouldn’t be a once a year thing) that I should read more instead of spending most of my time after work playing those facebook games (ugh way too many of them).

And now I find myself planning out which books should be read when, and in what order should I read them. And I also contemplate, should I in fact re-organize my bookcase and have it organized dewey decimal or library of congress style? I’m undecided at the moment, if I even want to go that far, but should have that figured out eventually. After all, as long as it’s organized in some way, I am very happy. And really, that’s all that matters.