I honestly feel awful for Borders.  It always had great discounts, great sales, great events.  I still remember dragging my mom there, before I had learned to drive, just so that I could browse.  But everyone has been feeling the financial stress, and especially in this economy, even giant megastores feel it (oh Virgin Megastore, how I miss thee).  But as the old adage goes, one man’s loss is another man’s gain, and here the public gains.

Borders is having their going out of buisness sale.  That’s 50% – 70% off of their entire stock.  Everything.  They are even selling their fixtures.  And while it’s upsetting to see them go, one could always use a few more books.

I would go into a diatribe how this is not the fault of kindle, as I’m sure most people are quick to put the blame on ebooks, but really, I feel now is not the time for such things, but rather mourn the loss of a good friend, and help them with their financial troubles by buying all their stuff at a really low price.