So, while I’ve been a fan of Goodreads since my recent “Bookcase Revitalization Project,” and I just noticed, quite literally, ten minutes ago, this great feature they have on their website: Giveaways. Awesome, right? Right. Well, I first found out about one specific giveaway quite literally this morning before I left for work, during my normal Facebook routine in the morning. And since I love Goodreads so much, I have their app on my Facebook account and on my phone, and so I got an immediate notification that they were having a book giveaway And of course I submitted an entry, because really, I just love books.

Well, silly me, I accidentally closed out of the window without posting about it. And so here I am, unable to access Facebook, but really wanting to spread the news. So I use my phone to go on to and try to find the giveaway news I had seen earlier this morning. I couldn’t find a notice of it anywhere. So I searched in all the links on the site, and eventually find what I was looking for and more.

Little did I know that Goodreads provides users with a constant surge of giveaways. Awesome right? Right. Who doesn’t like a free book? I’ve already submitted myself in the running for a few, and keep planning to submit for many more. They have several going on at a time, and it takes little to no effort to submit. So it should take little to no effort to consider it!