It took me a while to decide on a way to begin this blog. In fact, my opening sentence is what I really dwelled on.  I mused on waxing poetical and detailing, in soliloquy and metaphors, the nuances of the state of reading.  And I believed that to be too narrative.  Subsequently, I speculated on discoursing scientific and calculating the specifics of the chemical reactions in the brain initiated by reading. But I thought that too pedantic. And then I pondered on reminiscing into my childhood, and describing the joy I felt when I delved into my first book.  But I felt that too romantic.

Finally, I decided on going meta.  This is a blog, after all, and I came to the realization that most blogs are, as a rule, meta.  They are fully aware, of themselves and their readers.

And so I begin this blog: fully aware.  I welcome all readers here, as few as they may be.  You may ask what I plan to discuss here, and I have two answers for you.  In short, I will discuss anything and everything books.  In long, I will post book reviews, or thoughts on books I am currently reading, as well as book events happening across the city.  I do warn you, I do have a strong love for cheesy puns and sayings, and you may come across them here or there.

I have always had a passion (note: this should read obsession) for books.  As a child, I used to read so much my parents worried.  I loved travelling to foreign lands, or meeting different creatures, and books provided that adventure.  My dream, was, and always has been, to become a writer, and to stimulate the same love for books in others.

And that is why this blog is here today. I figure, that while I haven’t yet fulfilled my dream of being a writer, I can at least attempt to stir the pot and share my love of books with others.

So here we are, you have been sufficiently welcomed, and and sufficiently warned.  I hope, in time, you shall be sufficiently pleased.

First posted on Tumblr on May 12, 2009.